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About the Israeli Stem Cell Society

The Israel Stem Cell Society (ISCS) is the professional organization of stem cell scientists in Israel. Stem cells are the source for cells in our body, from embryonic development and throughout life. ISCS aims to promote the understanding and translation of stem cells potential for human benefit through responsible and ethical research. 


Dedicated since 2006 to the advancement of basic research, commercial, and clinical applications, ISCS is a local non-profit organization for all Israeli stem cell experts. ISCS aims to bring together scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, ethicists, and educators for the stem cell field. As a national, non-profit organization, we promote connections with international organizations and scientists from any country to gain cure for various diseases and advance humanity.


Stem cells are holding the potential to generate new cells and regenerate themselves, from embryonic development and throughout health and disease. Human, animals, and plants are having normal stem cells that support our health. Understanding stem cells in health and disease is promoting the scientific knowledge. Applying scientific discoveries is already advancing health and agriculture in Israel. Stem cells offer further potential for the elderly population, and for many diseases that are not yet cured.


ISCS organize international and local conferences, support meetings and workshops, and connect individuals and organizations in the stem cell field. Following the vision of founding members, we aim to serve the Israeli community of stem cell scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs. Catalyzing scientific excellence, integrity, and ethics enable novel discoveries and their applications in Israel. Stem cells keep the potential, and ISCS work to realize it.    

Our Mission

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