Related Companies list based on Israel Advanced Technology Industries

BioGenCell Ltd.

BioGenCell is a clinical stage, Biotechnology company in the field of regenerative medicine, located in the Laniado Hospital, Sanz Medical Netanya, Israel. The company is developing a biotechnology platform, enabling effective, affordable and accessible personalized cell therapy for the treatment of vascular diseases.


BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics is a leading developer of innovative autologous adult stem cell therapeutics for debilitating neurodegenerative diseases.


Gamida Cell Ltd.

Gamida Cell is a world leader in stem cell population expansion technologies and stem cell therapy products for transplantation and regenerative medicine. The company’s clinical and preclinical pipeline of stem cell therapy products are in development to treat a wide range of conditions including blood cancers, solid tumors, non-malignant hematological diseases , etc.


Kadimastem Ltd.

Kadimastem is a biotechnology company focused on the industrial development and commercialization of human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-based products. At Kadimastem, the ES cell technology is used to produce specialized human cells and tissues for two major types of medical applications: Therapeutic aims and Drug-screening platforms and small lead compounds to treat diseases.



KidneyCure's three-dimensional approach promises to improve quality-of-life for patients and to postpone the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation while reducing the financial burden of ESRD treatment on health systems.


Sheltagen Medical Ltd.

Start up company. Develops a highly innovative method for in vitro human bone generation for clinical use as bone graft in orthopedic, neuro and dental surgery.


Akari Therapeutics, Plc

Akari Therapeutics, Plc  a biopharmaceutical company focused on innovative therapeutics to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases where the complement and/or leukotriene systems are implicated, announces new preclinical data indicating that nomacopan significantly reduced both retinal inflammation and intraocular VEGF.

Bonus BioGroup

BONUS BIOGROUP (TASE: BONS) is a biotechnology company applying proprietary, innovative technology to supply tissue-engineered viable bone grafts.
The company strives to become a world leader in the field of tissue engineering and live bone transplantation.

Carticure Ltd.

Carticure Ltd. develops a novel treatment for cartilage repair. Their product, Cartimove is a 100% hyaline cartilage membrane produced from neonatal mini pigs, and is affordable, readily available off the shelf, and inserted in one, minimally invasive surgical procedure.

CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.

CellCure Neurosciences Ltd. (Cell Cure) is focused on the development of cell therapies for retinal and neural degenerative diseases. Its therapeutic cells include retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cells and neural progenitor cells. Both of these cells are derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), which are considered to be the gold standard source of cells for the development of stem cell therapies.


CollPlant Ltd.

CollPlant  is a medical device company focused on advancing regenerative medicine by utilizing its proprietary processing technologies for human collagen and other recombinant proteins. The company is developing a substantial range of biomaterials-based products applicable in multiple medical markets, including orthopaedics, wound management, and general surgery.

Core Dynamics

Core Dynamics is developing new methods for freezing, thawing and freeze-drying cells and tissues. The company's unique freezing and thawing technology allows precise control, and in a repeatable process, with high recovery, survival and function of cells after thawing. 


D.V.S. Engineering Ltd.

D.V.S. Engineering, Ltd. is a cutting-edgw developer and producer of medical devices and accessories.
They are presently engaged in developing our exclusive Glow-Discharge Plasma process for non-invasive blood purifcation as well as parallel applications of this process in the fields of agriculture, engineering and metallurgy.

Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd.

Enlivex Therapeutics R&D, a cell immunotherapy company, develops autologous and allogeneic drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that involve overexpression or hyperexpression of cytokines. The company’s preventive and therapeutic approach is based on inducing immunotolerance, or the specific normal rebalancing of the immune system, through the utilization of its proprietary Allocetra platform.



Kaylight developed MyCells®  a revolutionary skin regenerating system. This autologous method uses your own blood to produce "Platelet Rich Plasma" (PRP), which is enriched with platelets, lymphocytes and growth factors.


Medgenics Ltd.

BIOGENICS LTD. is a wholly owned Israeli subsidiary of Medgenics. The company is developing a new, cost effective, long term and patient friendly way to treat a wide variety of diseases, using genetically engineered tissue to produce therapeutic proteins in the body.


NVR Research Ltd.

NVR (Nerve and Vascular Reconstruction) Research Ltd is a small Israeli company established with the aim to develop composite implants for two purposes: 1. Treatment of paraplegic patients from acute and chronic spinal cord injuries, and 2. Reconstruction of peripheral nerve following a sever segment loss of more than 2 cm. In order to realize these goals, the company incorporates advanced technologies from the fields of nano-materials, tissue engineering and stem cells.


A development stage private Israeli company owned by USA public company ORGS:OTCBB). Orgenesis aimed to cure dibetes by receiving liver biopsy from the diabetic patient, in our facilities we propagate and reprogram those cells to become Autologous Insulin Producing cells (AIP) and then transplant the AIP cells back into the patient liver in a similar process as the Pancreatic Islet transplantation. 


ProCore Bio Med

ProCore Bio Med is a biotechnology company developing innovative, cost effective solutions with a focus on bone and cartilage regeneration, integrating proprietary scaffolds, growth factors and stem or progenitor cells. 


Regentis Biomaterials Ltd.

Regentis Biomaterials is a tissue repair company that is developing and commercializing innovative biodegradable hydrogels for the local repair of damaged cartilage and bone.


Rejuvenation Ltd.

Biological Rejuvenation is developing a new method for the biological rejuvenation by a new collagenolytic agent. This agent leads to stimulation of old collagen destruction that is simultaneously replaced by new young collagen, improving connective tissue composition. The method is intended to improve cell function delaying the aging process in the whole body.  


TaGeza Biopharmaceuticals Ltd

TaGeza is a biotechnology start-up dedicated to the study of cancer stem cells in the deadliest forms of cancer. The company seeks to identify central markers of highly aggressive cancer stem cells and develop drugs to target them with the goal of eradicating different forms of treatment-resistant cancers.

VESSL Therapeutics Ltd.

VESSL Therapeutics Ltd. develops innovative regenerative treatments for vascular-related conditions.

We use proprietary technology to harness the patient’s own cells and specific genes involved in body maintenance and healing. Our passion is for helping patients who are beyond the reach of conventional therapies. At VESSL, we’re always looking for a better way.

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